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Christmas Festival “Kolyada on Mayzli” was founded in 2009.

The program includes performances of church and cathedral choirs, amateur choir groups, which are aimed at restoration, preservation and popularization of kolyadas (carols), shchedrivkas, and development of religious vocal and choral art. Apart from local bands, music groups from different regions of Ukraine and other countries-neighbors also present their performances and shows. Traditional and ancient kolyadas and shchedrivkas are performed by church, chamber, youth, folk, amateur, and children’s choirs, as well as vocal, string and folk music groups, ensembles of bandura players. Traditionally the festival lasts one week and finishes with a gala-concert. Both Ukrainian and foreign music bands are invited to participate in the festival. The aim of “Kolyada on Mayzli” is to “resurrect” spiritual heritage, and also to preserve Christmas traditions, unique Kolyadas (carols) and Shchedrivkas (special songs for Christmas and New Year’s).

Place: Church of Christ the King at themonastery of Fathers Vasylians, UGCC

Time: starting from 7 January.


Sacred Music Festival «From Christmas to Easter» 

Temple singing is a very national matter and sacred music is a powerful means of person upbringing. To preserve the best traditions and samples of Ukrainian and foreign sacred music the City Council established the Sacred Music Festival «From Christmas to Easter» in 2000. The event takes place at the Museum of Precarpathian Arts.

Place: Vichevyy Maidan


Festival “Drinkable Honeys”

Festival “Drinkable Honeys” - is an event, founded in 2005, where the products of the best beekeepers of the Precarpathian region and the whole Ukraine are presented, alongside with products of the participants from abroad. The goal of the festival is to promote and popularize honey drinks, to restore ancient traditions of honey-making, the culture of consumption of drinkable honeys as an integral part of cultural heritage of our people. The initiators of the festival are non-governmental organizations “Guild of Honey Farmers of the Carpathian Region” and “Guild of Honey Farmers of Ukraine”. Within the framework of this holiday degustation of honeys and various competitions among producers of honey drinks are held.

Place: D.Vitovskyy St.

Time: second half of April


«Sviato Kovaliv» aka Blacksmiths Festival It has been a decade since the first Blacksmith Festival held place in Ivano-Frankivsk. It all started in 2001 as a part of celebration of the Day of the City (7th of May) with only a few participants but soon it grew to become a separate event which now is held during the first weekend of May. The idea of the festival — like many others — was popularization of craftsmanship and preservation of traditions. The rapid growth of its popularity and the quantity of guests made «Sviato Kovaliv » to the most renowned event of the city and one of the biggest blacksmith festivals in Europe. Every year blacksmiths from around the world and from Ukraine come to Ivano- Frankivsk to socialize and share their ideas and experience. And every year organizers plan a new composition that will be filled with elements forged during the festival and later on installed in the city center. Starting from year 2005 with the opening of the first public sculpture «Spring» five more forged compositions appeared in Ivano-Frankivsk. They are The Masters’ Bouquet, The Tree of Happiness, Eastern Sun, The Frame of Blacksmith Traditions, The Whirl of Blacksmiths’ Cities. In 2017 the festival celebrated its 15th anniversary. We would like to welcome you in Ivano-Frankivsk and join our Blacksmiths Festival. Read more at www.svjatokovaliv.com.ua

Place: 1 Fortechnyy lane

Time: first part of May


Festival of Street Food “Burak Fest”

Festival of Street Food “Burak Fest” – is really one of its kind festivals of street food, the goal of which is preparing some Ukrainian dishes in streetstyle interpretation. Well-known chefs of Ivano- Frankivsk and nearby towns present their personal creative dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, blending them with an international cuisine. A famous chef-expert evaluates the quality and originality of the dishes. The guests of the festival have an opportunity to participate in a number of culinary master classes.

Place: D.Vitovskyy St.

Time: second half of May.


International Fair and Festival “Prykarpattya Honey Fest”

International Fair and Festival “Prykarpattya Honey Fest” was founded by the Union of Beekeepers of Prykarpattya. The purpose of the event is to promote the culture of beekeeping among Ukrainians, to exchange experience and to demonstrate natural ecological products of beekeeping industry. There are about 11000 beekeepers in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Participants of the fair are beekeepers from all the regions of Ukraine and from abroad. Guests of the feast have a possibility to taste a great variety of unique and nutritious sorts of honey, which are typical only to certain territories, as well as to take part in various master classes and learn to distinguish between real honey and artificial one.

Place: Viche Maidan, Rynok Square

Time: second half of July.


Festival and Fair “Holiday of Grapes and Wine”

Festival and Fair “Holiday of Grapes and Wine” was founded in 2013. The main purpose of the holiday is restoration, popularization and promotion of viticulture in the Precarpathian region. The organizer of the event is the Club of Wine-growers of Prykarpattya. The highlight part of the festival is degustation of grapes, during which a professional team of judges determine the winners in nominations “the most beautiful bunch of grapes”, “the heaviest bunch of grapes” and “the most delicious bunch of grapes”, as well as the best samples of dry, semisweet and dessert wines. Guests of the festival have an opportunity to purchase berries and seedlings, get advice and consultations from experts, try out various sorts of grapes, which grow in the Precarpathian region, and taste different wines of both amateur winemakers and famous Ukrainian wine brands, as well as enjoy rich aromatic Carpathian honeys.

Place: Viche Maidan

Time: second half of August.


Festival of Wedding and Restaurant Music

“LabukhFEST IF” Launched in 2017, “Labukh FEST IF” is a project, which is meant to develop modern musical culture, and it is aimed at increasing the professional level of restaurant and wedding musicians. The goal of the festival is to popularize best trends in modern musical arts, to develop artistic abilities and skills of musicians, who play music in restaurants and at weddings, as well as to raise cultural and touristic potential of the city of IvanoFrankivsk. Within the framework of the festival, apart from the competition program, various “round tables”, master classes, artistic workshops, presentations, and meetings with leading artists are held.

Place: in Vichevyy Maidan

Time: August


Festival «Precarpathian Vernisage» Every autumn the Festival of folk applied art «Prykarpatskyi vernisage» is held on Sheptytskyi square. Festival’s participants offer their works in different styles: goods made of glass and wood, straw; embroidery and beadwork, pottery and ceramics, Easter eggs painting, cane braiding and others. Residents and guests have a perfect opportunity to enjoy extraordinary and beautiful goods made with warm and love by Ukrainian craftsmen. More than 200 representatives of Ukrainian regions (Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Lviv, Donetsk, Sumy, Rivne, Khmelnytsk, Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Cherkasy) take part in the Festival. Time: September


Fair-show «Bread Festival»

Every year in late August Ivano-Frankivsk T.Shevchenko Park hosts «Bread Festival». It is organized by the Executive Committee of Ivano- Frankivsk City Council and Union of Ivano- Frankivsk Bakers’& Confectioner. Bakery and confectionery yummies of local manufacturers (Ivano-Frankivsk, Kosiv, Kolomyia, Kalush), Lviv and Ternopil are presented during the festival.

Time: September Festival


“Stanislavska Marmulada”

The first Festival “Stanislavska Marmulada” took place in 2014. Throughout two days the marmalade (jam) is being prepared, and then it is served as a treat to all the guests of this artistic event. It is one of the highlights of the festival “Stanislavska Marmulada”. This festival is a kind of a journey into the history of the city, which recalls a story of “the marmalade fire”. According to the legend, a certain housewife was cooking plum marmalade in 1868 in Lypova Street, and got distracted from the process while chatting with a neighbor or a young dragoon. Meanwhile the wind picked up a little piece of a burning coal, making it float in the air, in an instant the roof was in flames, and within an hour the fire embraced the whole city center and destroyed one fourth of all the houses in Stanislaviv (up to 1962 Ivano- Frankivsk bore a name of Stanivlaviv). Since thenthe city started constructing houses using brick or stone as building material instead of wood, and set up its own fire brigade. This story is revealed by the hosts-actors of the feast – Mrs. Zosya and dragoon Bohdan.

“Stanislavska Marmulada”, besides being a festival, is also an expo and a fair. Local winemakers, beekeepers, and honeymakers present their products at this venue. Such a “marmalade” festival takes place only in Ivano-Frankivsk. It is both – an exciting tourist attraction, and a promotion of natural, ecologically friendly products. Place: Rynok Square

Time: second half of September


International walking race Cup «Night Ivano-Frankivsk»

International walking race Cup «Night Ivano-Frankivsk» and the open Ukrainian 50 km walking race championship traditionally are held in the center of the city, on Andriy Melnyk – Academician Sakharov streets. Prize winners and participants of world and European championships, Olympic Games from Poland, Lithuania, Moldova, Bilorus, Germany, Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine participate in the competitions. Age category is from 10 years to walking race veterans. Sportsmen compete in different distances – 50 km, 10 km, 5 km, 3 km and 2 km. This competition is included into the EAAF calendar (European Association of Athletics Federation).

Time: October.


Festival “New Year’s Vytrebenky”

Founded in 2016, this festival takes place every year in Viche Maidan during the celebration of New Year, aimed at popularization of Ukrainian New Year’s traditions. City’s best artistic groups, well-known music performers, and youth bands participate in the festival. The main festival location is a festively decorated Viche Maidan (Square), in the middle of which a beautiful Christmas tree shines, dressed in colorful lights. Throughout the whole duration of the festival an enchanting show takes place, with the participation of youth artistic groups and soloistsvocalists of the city. The feast includes various contests, games, greetings, New Year’s wishingand caroling, and master classes.


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івано-Франківська міська рада Ivano-Frankivsk Івано-Франківськ

івано-Франківська міська рада Ivano-Frankivsk Івано-Франківськ

івано-Франківська міська рада Ivano-Frankivsk Івано-Франківськ